Baby seat taxi Melbourne

Need A Taxi With Baby Seats? Look No Further Than We Chauffeur Melbourne

Taxi with baby Car seat Service

Are you looking for comfortable transportation for yourself and your baby? Look no further than We Chauffeur Melbourne. Your baby or toddler no longer has to miss out on travelling in a luxury car. We have responded to the high demand of parents who require baby and toddler seats by providing them with the highest quality seats. So, not only do you get to travel in style with We Chauffeur Melbourne but your children do too.

Our baby and child seats are top quality and comply with Australian Standards. We will always provide you with the appropriate seat for your child’s age. Check out the types of seats we have available below.

Capsule seat

This is the best option for babies up to six months, especially if you are planning a long journey. Your baby will be secured tightly and the capsule is comfortable enough for him/her to remain asleep.

Baby seat

Our baby seats are rear facing and suitable for babies between birth and two years old. They are new with smooth and soft coverings, and comfortable enough for your baby to fall asleep in.

Toddler seat

The toddler seat suits children between the ages of one and four. Our toddler seats are new and comfortable so your child can relax while we drive you to your destination.

Booster seat

This type of seat is designed for children between the ages of four and seven.

Children between 7 and 16 years

Children between the ages of seven and 16 are required to use either a booster seat or an adult seat belt.

Children with additional needs

Children with a physical disability or medical condition may have additional requirements to travel safely in a vehicle. Upon request we will do all we can to accommodate your child’s needs and ensure their safety.

Highly trained drivers

Installing baby and toddler seats is no small feat. That is why our professional drivers are skilled in fitting and adjusting the seats to ensure your child’s safety. We just ask that you request a baby seat when making the booking.

Clean and safe seats

We clean the seats thoroughly between each child to ensure each seat is always hygienic and free from dirt and germs.

Safety is our most important feature and we pay particular attention to children. We Chauffeur Melbourne will install and adjust the seat appropriately to keep your child safe and secure at all times.

Cost effective services

It can be a costly and taxing business when you travel with children, but book with We Chauffeur Melbourne and we will look after the safety of your precious little ones as well as your own. Our superior services are affordable as well as competitive. So, book with us, and save some dollars while we get you safely to your destination.

Final words

Don’t look any further than We Chauffeur Melbourne to transport you and your kids to your desired location. Your comfort and safety are our priority and we assure you that you will reach your destination with a smile on your face. Contact us on 03 9943 5338 and travel with us in style.